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NEW RELEASE: Vampires visit the Mystical, Magical Three Tomes Bookshop!

The third book in Colleen Gleason's Three Tomes Bookshop series is now out! Jacqueline Finch owns a magical, mystical bookshop in which literary characters—such as Van Helsing and Evaline Stoker—come out of their books and cause a ruckus....

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TEASER TUESDAY: A Mystical, Magical Bookshop...with Sherlock's landlady?!

I have been having the most fun ever writing my Three Tomes Bookshop series, which is all about forty-eight-year old,…

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French Wines Research: Someone's Gotta Do It

I'm taking one for the team on #freedaywednesday and heading to the local wine shop....

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TEASER TUESDAY: Bridgerton meets Twilight?

Imagine a world where someone like the Duke of Hastings was a vampire...and someone like Daphne Bridgerton fell for him? ...

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Amaryllis done blooming? Keep the bulb!

What to do with your amaryllis after it blooms. Don't throw away the bulb!...

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Nothing like a hot cuppa...kept warm!

My go-to beverage in the winter, especially in the mornings, is always hot tea. I’ve got nearly as many tea…

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