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On the heels of this great review for MURDER IN THE OVAL LIBRARY, I have an announcement to make:

I’ve just signed the contract for the third Lincoln’s White House Mystery series!

MURDER AT THE CAPITOL will be released in early 2020!

(I know that sounds far away, but it’s only a year and a couple months from OVAL LIBRARY’s release).

AND if you haven’t read the series yet, here’s the scoop:


+ Check your local indie bookstore IndieBound–if they don’t have it, they can order it for you!

+ Check your local Barnes & Noble–if they don’t have it, they can order it for you!

+ Order ebook, print, or audiobook from Amazon (

+ Download the ebook from Kobo, Walmart, Apple Books, or Google Play

+ Request them from your local library! (Please, please do this even if you don’t think you’ll read it. Someone else might!)

“All the World’s A Stage”… Such was the name of my first blog, way back when blogs were becoming popular–before my first book was released and when I was just beginning to create an online presence. Thirteen years later, here we are again with me starting a new blog. It has a different name, Colleen Dishes, but I’ll still be carrying through on the same sort of concept: my thoughts and ideas about all sorts of things that make life great.

That includes everything from self-care to what I like to cook (mostly vegetarian) to my reviews on various shows, films, books, and trends, as well as a peek inside my life as an award-winning, bestselling novelist.

Thanks for joining me here. Hope to see you around.

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The fifth and final book in the Stoker & Homes series, The Zeppelin Deception. Available August 22 in ebook and hardcover. Paperback available December 1. Pre-order your copy today!

Pre-Order It Now!

The highly anticipated third installment to Lincoln’s White House Mysteries series, Murder at the Capitol, will release January 28, 2020! Preorder your copy today!


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