A Lily on the Heath | Castle Garden Romance | Author Colleen Gleason A Lily on the Heath | Castle Garden Romance | Author Colleen Gleason
Colleen Gleason

A Lily on the Heath

Book 4: Castle Garden Romance

About the Book

Passion and deception in the turbulent court of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II.

An honorable man: Malcolm de Monde, Lord of Warwick needs a wife. He reluctantly journeys to the royal court where his plan is simple: find a dutiful woman, gain the king’s approval for his choice and return to Warwick with his chosen lady wedded, bedded, and carrying his heir–all before winter.

An independent woman: Judith of Kentworth, Royal Falconer and lady-in-waiting, is a woman from Malcolm’s past. Although she is a confidante of the queen, Judith’s beauty and vivacity attract the unwanted attentions of the king–and thus the woman who commands winged predators becomes prey herself.

A simple plan that goes awry when Malcolm is reacquainted with Judith, once betrothed to his friend–and a woman who is nothing like the meek wife he seeks…but who may be exactly the type of woman he needs.

An impossible choice: Malcolm offers Judith a chance to escape her predicament…But can she risk entangling her own personal white knight in a dangerous web of royal intrigue?

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The Details

Published: July 1, 2020
Publisher: Oliver Heber Books
Formats: Ebook
ASIN: B08C829XW5
Genres & Tropes
Historical Romance, Medieval Romance, Passionate, Loving Romance