Hexes, Exes and Codexes | Author Colleen Gleason Hexes, Exes and Codexes | Author Colleen Gleason
Colleen Gleason

Hexes, Exes and Codexes

Book 4: Three Tomes Bookshop

About the Book

Jacqueline Finch’s lovely little bookstore is a special one. Not only is it brimming with books and has a cozy tea shop, but it comes staffed with two very unique employees: Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock Holmes’s landlady, and Mrs. Danvers, the creepy and disagreeable housekeeper from Rebecca.

Despite the fact that other literary characters tend to pop out of books on a daily basis, Jacqueline loves her life, running the bookshop and hanging out with her two new friends. She even enjoys the three old ladies who live at the end of the street, and who are most definitely witches. (Which sometimes comes in handy.)

But just when a holiday weekend and the beginning of tourist season commences, Jacqueline discovers that someone has been breaking into the shop at night. All evidence is that they’re doing some sort of conjuring or witchcraftery in her store, and that worries her. But things get a little more tense—and confusing—when Jacqueline’s ex-fiance shows up in town, wanting to make amends. This could put a real damper on her budding romance with the town detective.

Yet, Jacqueline has it all under control…until a woman comes into her store, wanting Jacqueline to put a hex on her ex-husband. The next thing Jacqueline knows, she’s got a bunch of very angry women hellbent on getting revenge on their exes—and anyone else who gets in their way…including Jacqueline.

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The Details

Published: February 27, 2024
Publisher: Oliver Heber Books
Formats: Ebook