Purses Curses and Hearses | Three Tomes Bookshop | Author Colleen Gleason Purses Curses and Hearses | Three Tomes Bookshop | Author Colleen Gleason
Colleen Gleason

Purses, Curses, and Hearses

Book 2: Three Tomes Bookshop

About the Book

Jacqueline Finch is a lifelong book lover, which is why it was a literal gift from the Universe when she inherited Three Tomes Bookshop at the ripe old age of forty-eight.

But she’s had a few adjustments to make along the way, including the fact that her bookshop seems to be a haven for literary characters to come alive…and to stick their noses into things that aren’t any of their business—including Sherlock Holmes’s landlady, Mrs. Hudson, who is constantly bickering with the dour housekeeper from Rebecca, Mrs. Danvers.

And then there are the three old ladies down the street, whose resemblance to Macbeth’s Witches Three cannot be ignored.

Nevertheless, Jacqueline is happy in her new life and everything seems to be going well…until she hears the ominous sound of a book falling off the shelf—which can only mean one thing: someone else has come out of a book.

One thing is certain: whoever it is, it’s going to cause a problem that Jacqueline’s got to solve if she wants her life to get back to normal.

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The Details

Published: February 22, 2022
Publisher: Oliver Heber Books
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
Later in Life Romance, Mid-Life Romance, Paranormal Women's Fiction, Paranormal Suspense, Witches, Wizards, Magic, Literary Characters, Literature