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Colleen Gleason

Tomes Scones and Crones

Book 1: Three Tomes Bookshop

About the Book

At forty-eight, Jacqueline Finch has a nice, easy life with few responsibilities: she’s been a librarian in Chicago for twenty-five years, she doesn’t have a husband, children, or pets, and she’s just coasting along, enjoying her books and a small flower garden now that she’s over the hill.

That is, until the Universe (helped by three old crones) has other ideas, upending her staid (and boring) life and putting her on a path to start a new one in Button Cove – as the owner of Three Tomes Bookshop.

The bookshop is a darling place and Jacqueline is almost ready to be excited about this new opportunity when fictional literary characters begin showing up, as living persons, and working in the shop!

And not only does she have to contend with them – and the idea that people regularly eat pastries while reading books in her store! – but the morning after she arrives, the body of a dead man is found on her property, which brings around a police detective with the very definite hot-Viking vibe…

The next thing Jacqueline knows, her staid and simple life is no longer quiet and unassuming. She’s got crones, curses, crocodiles, and new literary characters to deal with, and is suddenly faced with a horrible life and death situation that will totally push her out of her comfort zone…if she’s brave enough to let it.

After all, isn’t forty-eight too late for an old dog to learn new tricks?

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The Details

Published: October 12, 2021
Publisher: Oliver Heber Books
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 1648391192 ISBN-13: 978-1648391194 ASIN: B09BLCWM77
Genres & Tropes
Later in Life Romance, Mid-Life Romance, Paranormal Women's Fiction, Paranormal Suspense, Witches, Wizards, Magic, Literary Characters, Literature