Sinister Shadows | Wicks Hollow | Author Colleen Gleason Sinister Shadows | Wicks Hollow | Author Colleen Gleason
Colleen Gleason

Sinister Shadows

Book 3: Wicks Hollow

About the Book

An uptight lawyer.
A carefree palm-reader.
A haunted antiques shop.
And a very mortal villain…

Welcome to Wicks Hollow: a cozy town near Lake Michigan filled with quaint houses, eccentric residents, and more than its share of ghosts, murders, and sexy romance.

When Fiona Murphy inherits a small antiques shop from an old man she met only once, she’s filled with surprise, confusion and delight—and a little bit of terror at having a new responsibility in a life she prefers to be free and easy.

As she takes over ownership of the quaint shop, odd things begin to happen. Lights come on and off by themselves, even when they are unplugged…and there is a chilly breeze accompanied by the scent of roses even when the windows are closed.

H. Gideon Nath, III, is the stiff and oh-so-proper attorney who helps settle Fiona’s inheritance, and against his better judgement, he finds himself attracted to her, despite her fascination with all things New Age.

After she finds an unpleasant surprise in one of the shop’s closets, scares off an intruder in the store, and uses her skill at palmistry to read Gideon’s future—of which she seems to be a part—Fiona begins to realize that her free and easy life is about to change…whether she wants it to or not.

* Previously published as The Shop of Shades and Secrets

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Behind the Story

My inspiration for this book came from an antiques shop on South Street in Philadelphia. I used to visit the shop in the early 1990s and I was utterly entranced by this store. It was filled with lamps and lights of all shapes and sizes, giving the shop a cozy, yet eerie feeling. I was certain a ghost must linger somewhere in the depths of the shop, and I decided to write a book about that very subject.

At the same time, I was fascinated by palmistry, and did a significant research about palm-reading for this book. To this day, I still notice a man’s hands and look for evidence of his character therein.

The Details

Published: April 9, 2018
Publisher: Colleen Gleason /
Formats: EbookPaperback
ISBN-10: 198770486X ISBN-13: 978-1987704860 ASIN: B09BNX3F11
Genres & Tropes
Supernatural Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, Cozy Mystery, Humorous Romance