Nothing like a hot cuppa...kept warm! | Author Colleen Gleason Nothing like a hot cuppa...kept warm! | Author Colleen Gleason
Colleen Gleason

Nothing like a hot cuppa...kept warm!

IMG 5969My go-to beverage in the winter, especially in the mornings, is always hot tea. I’ve got nearly as many tea varieties as I have books on my bookshelf! (…well…maybe not quite as many. But enough that I can basically serve whatever flavor a guest might want.) 

I’ve got green tea and white tea, high quality matcha, supermarket brand black teas, lots of herbal varieties, and even a rooibos Earl Grey.

Today I’m starting work with a steaming cup of green tea: a bright green Sincha Yamaki from Rishi Tea and it’s sitting on my fabulous mug warmer, which I couldn’t live without.
IMG 5970
The key to having a working mug warmer, I learned, is that you have to have a mug that is as flat on the bottom as possible. Most of the time, I have to buy mugs from local potters or artists, because the tea and coffee mugs sold in most retail stores have that ridge around the edge of the bottom and a recessed center…doesn’t work that well with mug warmers.

IMG 5971The thing I love about this mug warmer is that it really does keep the tea hot…for hours (if it lasts that long). I’ve left a full mug of tea on the warmer and come back a couple hours later to find it still hot. Makes me wonder if I even need the microwave in my office anymore… Ha!

Anyway, if you’re looking for a good way to keep your hot cuppa hot, this is a great option. 

Now, I’m heading back to work on promo for my upcoming release in the Three Tomes Bookshop series. Stakes, Cakes and Mandrakes will be out in early February, and Mrs. Hudson (yes, that Mrs. Hudson—from Sherlock Holmes fame) will be very pleased to inform all readers that a cup of hot tea is far superior to a cup of that “uncivilized demon bean.”

I certainly think so!

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