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Book Five: Wicks Hollow

Sinister Stage

Sinister Stage book cover depicts a red curtain on a creepy theater stage.

A determined actress.
Her old flame…
A spooky theater.
And a deadly secret.

The Tuesday Ladies and their friends return in the fifth book in Colleen Gleason’s bestselling Wicks Hollow series with ghosts, murder and sexy romance.

Vivien Leigh Savage is determined to bring live theater back to her hometown of Wicks Hollow. With her background as a childhood actor, her contacts, and her experience in marketing and publicity, she plans to reopen the Wicks Hollow Stage—a theater that’s been closed for decades.

But no sooner does she begin the renovations of the Stage than she’s warned away: GO OR DIE. And then strange things begin to happen—events that make the hair on the back of her neck stand up and prickles down her spine.

Someone—or something doesn’t want the Stage to open again.

And then there’s the fact that Jake DeRiccio, who broke her heart fifteen years ago, has shown up on the scene…and he’s more than interested in renewing their acquaintance.

When it becomes clear that either a ghost or mortal is not going to allow Vivien to succeed in her plans, she’ll need all the help she can get to clear the Stage…or she’ll be the next phantom of the theater.

The Wicks Hollow books don’t have to be read in order!

The Details

Published: July 2020

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Fun News!

Audiobook cover for the title Sinister Summer. Features a spooky house on the front.During the quarantine lockdowns, Colleen has been working on narrating audiobooks of the Wicks Hollow series! Sinister Summer is now available wherever audiobooks are sold, so check out Colleen reading her own story at Audible, Apple Music, and many other retailers.


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